From ugly barn to a dream house

VillaNueva Mallorca - Ugly barn renovation to a dream house

Dream house – ugly barn reconstruction, maybe great idea for your old property?

Many old houses hide something that does not recognize the lay eye. They resist inexorable time and wait for someone to find someone who reveals their beauty. This was also the case for renovating an old stone ugly barn in the Cantabrian area of Spain, which is known for its beautiful nature and great cuisine. Architect Isabele Peletier has begun to locate a location that is close to the seaside and favorable climate, and has begun to rebuild this ruin to a dream house

That was how the ugly barn looked like before the reconstruction.

VillaNueva Mallorca - Ugly barn reconstruction to a dream house

On the ground floor there is a large living room, a kitchen with a dining room and a bathroom. Even despite increasing the ceiling, the original beams remained preserved. However, it was necessary first to treat them thoroughly against wood-destroying insects and molds. Thanks to the large windows, there is plenty of daylight in the entire interior. On the floor in the attic there is a night part of the house, which consists of three bedrooms and one bathroom. The attic was created during the reconstruction of the roof, which was necessary due to its original condition.

text: VillaNueva Mallorca; foto: elmueble


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