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VillaNueva Mallorca has over 20 years’ experience in construction, refurbishment, renovations, remodelling and more …

We are a stable construction company operating in the market with a focus on works in a complex range. The main subject of our construction activity is the construction of residential houses and public buildings, construction of industrial buildings, reconstruction of buildings and also the rehabilitation of historic buildings. Construction company VillaNueva Mallorca aims to provide comprehensive security services from design, through the provision of engineering services to the realization of turnkey projects.

We believe that if we provide a quality product or service and deal with people fairly and honestly, the rest takes care of itself.
We specialize in residential and commercial construction, remodeling and maintenance. When it comes to new construction, we are able to design your project from scratch and build it, or we can just build from your existing plans.

Our promise to you is to deal with you fairly and honestly. After all, without our customers we couldn’t do what we love every day. We also promise quality and peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a builder dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of craftsmanship in Majorca.

We work in both residential and commercial construction projects and we can handle the process of operating in the market to deliver a project designed from scratch. We have a full-service team of architects, construction laborers, electricians, plumbers and more that can help with the process of planning any type of project.

We can handle the process of putting together any applicable permits and full legal requirements for any type of complex construction. Our renovation tasks are done in the best design format and we work with only the finest of materials on every job site. We want to ensure that we can deliver the best results to our clients from the design process to the building process.

We have had the pleasure of completing a wide range of construction projects. In a commercial setting we have helped with the construction of gymnasiums, shopping centers, churches, hotels, restaurants and more. In residential settings we regularly help with residential remodeling, building additions, ongoing maintenance and repairs, painting services and more.

Whether your home needs a lift or you are interested in a completely new construction project, our experts in Palma de Mallorca can help create construction solutions for you. We are extensively proud of our work and we stand behind any one of the construction projects or repairs that we complete for our clients.

By using the most experienced people, the best products and some of the best industry pricing, we hope to be some of the most in demand construction providers in Palma de Mallorca.

Should you have any questions about our company or if you would like to receive a quote please contact our staff today.


VillaNueva Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca

Tel: (+34) 672 035 030

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VillaNueva Mallorca

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