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Complete construction and renovations services for your hotel, bar, restaurant, office, shop or any commercial buildings in Mallorca

As well as providing assistance with any type of residential construction project, we are also specialists with commercial properties. There are many commercial properties across Palma de Mallorca that have called upon us in order to handle renovation tasks, repairs and maintenance.

As a full-service construction provider we can deliver assistance to commercial locations for building renovation and maintenance, full consulting on new expansions and improvements, design and decor improvements for commercial buildings and new construction projects.

In the past we have worked on a number of commercial construction projects and ongoing maintenance projects throughout Palma de Mallorca. You can find our work in a number of settings including gymnasiums, sports complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, large residential complexes, retail facilities, hotels, restaurants and more.

With our wealth of experience in many industries and with many commercial properties we can make sure that all of the applicable permits are required and that we can be covered for insurance while working on site. We want to make sure that we complete any type of commercial services completely legally and with the best quality and craftsmanship.

With consultation and full management we adhere to all Spanish building regulations in our commercial renovations and construction projects. We can tackle a project from any angle including design, construction, renovations and more. Whether your commercial property could use a few simple touches for renovation or a major facelift, we can provide design consultation and construction services which are backed by experience.

If you are a business owner in Palma de Mallorca seeking renovations or a brand-new construction project, keep in mind that we can handle everything like plumbing, electrical, heating, painting, remodeling, flooring, carpentry, exterior work, additions and more.

Contact our staff today if you are in need of commercial services for your property or a new construction project for your business.

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